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Blue Marble

Get (nearly) real time satellite images of Earth on your home screen! Blue Marble is the best way to view beautiful, up-to-date images of our planet from your iPhone or iPad.

Add the widget to your home screen to see how the planet changes throughout the day.

Blue Marble also supports Shortcuts, so you can build automations that use these images.

This app was directly inspired by (but is not affiliated with) Downlink for macOS, made by Anthony Colangelo. If you want to use these images as your desktop background, check it out!

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Fast Track

Find the fastest route with Fast Track! Simply enter in all the stops you need to make, and Fast Track will determine the best route to minimize your travel time.

Perfect for:

Other Features:

Live in a city? Fast Track supports driving, walking, and transit based routes.

Planning ahead? Save any route as a bookmark to check on it later.

Running errands? Add a duration to any stop to further optimize your route.

Not sure which store is actually closest? Use Compare Mode to find out based on real-time conditions or transit schedules.

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